Sophrologie and stress

Stress is one of the scourges of our time, but what do we know about it, about its mechanism? How to acquire the tools necessary to control its harmful effects?

Stress is a natural reflex system that has its source in everyday life, by a physical or mental stimulus. The loss of control in a situation, an unexpected or unknown event, the weight of the gaze of others on oneself are all stressors that they can accumulate between them.

Faced with a difficult situation, a reflex reaction is triggered, both psychological and physiological, to allow us to adapt and react quickly if necessary.

In short, stress is vital.

It is when it becomes chronic that it is deleterious. Today, it is often the result of an emotional stimulus that lasts and is likely to evolve into the emergence of chronic stress.

Sophrology has its place in stress management. It will allow you:

  • To understand its mechanism and identify your own reactions,
  • To acquire simple and adapted tools to reuse on a daily basis,
  • To recover during stressful episodes,
  • Increase your resources, essential for sustainable well-being.

On this theme, I receive individually, or upon registration on the Internship, manage stress.