Sophrologie and Pilâtes

The Pilates method is a gentle muscle building technique. The sessions are based on a series of exercises that are practiced on the floor on a mat.

All the exercises are based on respecting the principles that must be followed during the sessions:

  • Relaxation: The starting point of a session, it allows you to make yourself available for exercises,
  • Concentration: Relaxation requires concentration on yourself, while performing the exercises, allowing you to locate yourself in space and to know at all times what each part of the body is doing,
  • Breathing: Controlled, it increases lung capacity and the oxygenation quality of cells,
  • Alignment: It is essential for muscle balance. A fairer position allows you to exercise the right muscles and strengthen them. They will in turn be able to support the joints rather than straining them,
  • Centering: The deep central muscles serve to stabilize the spine. They are located between the hips and the rib cage. All movement must emanate from this center.
  • Coordination: Training in coordination of movements allows you to learn to move more accurately.
  • Fluidity: the movements are natural, executed with fluidity and slowness.
  • Resistance: Exercises are designed to stimulate the respiratory, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. By seeking stability in each exercise, training helps improve resistance and endurance.

The Pilates method aims to:

  • strengthen the core muscles
  • lengthen the spine
  • develop muscle tone
  • increase body awareness

Sophrology and Pilates sessions combine the two disciplines, making it possible to strengthen the presence to oneself, body awareness and relaxation to reinforce the benefits of the method.