Sophrologie an business

The life of a company, small or large, is subject to developments, changes or events that will mark its organization, structure, orientation and especially its employees.

Each event will be perceived differently from one person to another. These events, as they will be perceived, will cause reactions, emotions.

An enthusiastic, cheerful and positive person in the face of a new professional dynamic, will be relaxed, physically and psychologically, and will have a boost of energy. His thoughts will be clear and creative, and his actions tailored.

On the contrary, a person living in fear, stress or anger facing a new professional dynamic, will be tense, physically and psychologically, which will induce a lot of fatigue. His thoughts will be confused and blocked, and his actions maladaptive.

If the company wants to be sustainable, it is important for it to ensure that a good professional dynamic is maintained, and therefore that of its employees.

Sophrology is a tool for companies to:

  • Learn to manage stress
  • Strengthen team cohesion
  • Improve performances
  • Combine work and well-being

I am safe, efficient and attentive. I take care of groups and individuals.

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