Welcome to this website where I share with you my sophrologist activity. You will find information there on sophrology and its practice, as well as on my areas of intervention such as stress management, sleep, mental preparation of the athlete … I wish you a pleasant visit.


Sophrology is a support technique that provides specific tools for staff development. It is adapted to each one, and empowering.

Performed in a state close to sleep, sophrology makes it possible to appropriate the body as a whole and to draw from it the resources necessary for its proper functioning.

Practiced alone or in a group, it is for everyone: adults, children, seniors, pregnant women, athletes, businesses …

Carried out with regularity, this discipline leads to:

  • Free yourself from tensions and promote self-knowledge.
  • Regain confidence, energy and motivation.
  • Face change and adapt.
  • Improve your concentration and memory.
  • Restore a balance of life and boost one’s potential.

Sophrology is applied for:

  • Reconcile with your body,
  • Better sleep,
  • Manage stress and emotions,
  • Regain self-confidence,
  • Overcome a crisis, a divorce, a bereavement,
  • Overcome an addiction,
  • Prepare for an exam, an interview, a sports event.

Many health professionals recognize the beneficial contribution of sophrology to therapeutic care.

It is also used in business for the prevention of psychosocial risks.